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Produce Beats

    • Our team of skilled producers have 3 years’ worth experience in making unique beats of every genre, for all kinds of rappers and artists.

    • We pay careful attention to the minor needs and requirements of every artist

Mix & Master

  • We provide artists with industry – level mixing and mastering services

  • We do our best to achieve sonically what the Artist wants while maintaining the mix fundamentals

  • We have a variety of clients from Singers to Rappers to Cover Artists.

Sound Design

  • We create unique, multi – genre sounds from scratch. These include melody loops, drum kits, midi files, etc.

  • We provide everything that a producer needs to bring out their best in their beats.

  • Having been mentored by the best in the business, we know what is expected of us.

Your Producer

Hi, I am Pogo.
I am from the city of dreams Mumbai, India.
Since the past 3 years I have been a Music Producer. As of now, I have produced several singles for rappers and artists, as well as, produced complete EPs for them.
I have had the privilege to produce music for one of the largest Mumbai based artist managment companies, who go by the name, ‘Only Much Louder’ (OML).
I have also produced a musical track for the famous waffle brand – ‘Belgian Waffles’, for their marketing campaign.
I have closely worked on projects featuring singers from the reality music show ‘The Stage’. I have done the mixing and mastering of tracks for Asia’s largest short film company ‘Shamiana’ and their theatrical performances.
I have been personally mentored by Curtiss King, whose works speak volumes, such as his music production for Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and E-40, as well as, his music production for the well known apparel & accessory brands namely – ‘Levis’ & ‘Vans’.

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